In 2005, the Barry Foundation took over the breeding kennels from the Holy Order of the Great Saint Bernard Monastery together with the kennel’s famous Saint Bernard dogs. Since then, the foundation has been the owner of the world’s oldest breeding centre for the Swiss national dog.

The Barry Foundation was named in honour of “Barry”, the legendary avalanche dog. Its responsibility is to ensure the continued management of the over three-century old breeding kennels at their place of origin and the preservation of the special type of hospice Saint Bernard dog.

In accordance with the Great Saint Bernard tradition, the foundation predominantly breeds short-haired dogs. Around 20 pedigree puppies are born at the breeding kennels each year. A team consisting of professionally trained dog keepers, a vet and a breed specialist look after the well-being and the optimal development of the Saint Bernards.

The Barry Foundation is a member of the Swiss Saint Bernard Club and is a recognised charity. The foundation has been awarded the Certodog seal of approval in recognition of the exemplary management of the breeding kennels.


Founding Members

  • Maison Hospitalière du Grand-St-Bernard, Bourg-St-Pierre
  • Christine Cerletti-Sarasin, founding benefactor, Bottmingen
  • Rudolf Thomann, former president of the Swiss Saint Bernard Club
  • The Community of the Mountain of the Grand Combin, Gignod (Valley of Aosta)
  • The Association Pro Grand Saint Bernard of the Grand Saint Bernard
  • The Saint Bernard Dog Museum of the Bernard and Caroline de Watteville Foundation, Martigny
  • The Municipality of Martigny