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Mission statement of the breeding

The aim of the Barry Foundation is:

  • to ensure the continued existence  of the Great Saint Bernard hospice breeding kennels
  • to run breeding kennels consisting of healthy, good-natured dogs with a long life expectancy
  • to find social occupations for the dogs
  • to guarantee the well-being of the foundation's own dogs
  1. The Barry Foundation is committed to continuing the successful management of the breeding kennels. It pays special attention to the needs and well-being of the dogs and strives to maintain the quality of the Saint Bernard breed.
  2. It is the Barry Foundation’s duty to preserve the typical characteristics of the hospice dogs. It applies selection criteria according to health, sturdiness, strong character, affability and suitability for social occupations.  It implements a series of measures designed to increase the dogs' longevity and to improve the monitoring of genetic disorders.
  3. Special efforts are made to improve and promote the public's perception of the dogs. This is achieved for example by organising events and by carrying out new activities and occupations for the dogs both in Martigny and on the pass.
  4. The image of the Swiss national dog, which is the symbol of the region and the entire country, can be used to establish partnerships with companies or associations. The foundation undertakes to ensure that no agreements are entered into that could be contrary to the above-mentioned points of the mission statement.
  5. The foundation complies with the regulations of the FCI (World Canine Organisation), the SCS (Swiss Cynological Society) and the Swiss Saint Bernard Club in every respect. Litters born at the foundation are subject to checks by the breed club. The foundation observes Swiss animal welfare legislation and all associated provisions.
  6. The conditions in which puppies are reared are hygienic and well-aired. The facilities are sufficiently spacious to provide puppies with adequate recreational areas. Great store is set by the socialisation and psychological development of the puppies. Young dogs do not leave the breeding kennels until they are completely weaned, and in any case not before the age of 10 weeks, and then only if they are in good health and properly vaccinated. All puppies are identified by microchip and are given a pedigree certificate.
  7. The foundation ensures that anyone who purchases its puppies knows what to expect and that all future owners meet the necessary conditions for being good dog handlers. If a purchaser comes from another European country, he or she must visit the breeding kennels at least once before a puppy is entrusted to him or her. The foundation always checks the puppy's future living conditions by means of a standard questionnaire to be completed by the purchaser. The Barry Foundation provides the purchaser with useful information on the breed and on rearing puppies.
  8. The Barry Foundation carries out breed surveys to check the success of puppy placements and monitors the quality and health of puppies. It takes back dogs that are unable to stay with their original purchaser, for whatever reason, and takes problems that arise into account in its breeding strategy.  
  9. The foundation makes sure that its dogs are given social occupations that are traditionally carried out by Saint Bernards. It encourages contact between its dogs and members of the public for educational purposes and when such relationships can be rewarding for those concerned. The Barry foundation specifically endeavours to work with institutions that look after the health and well-being of underprivileged or elderly people who can benefit from being in contact with the dogs. The foundation is committed to training its dogs for special activities in this area.
  10. The foundation guarantees all its dogs a happy and peaceful old age.